Overdrive API Access

When I first started coding OverReader, I saw that Overdrive had an API I could use. For those that don’t code, an API is just an easy way to get info from them and it’s made to handle lots of traffic. I applied for access to their API and shortly after read that access is only given to official developers and partners (I am neither). So, I assumed I wouldn’t get access and I made the code work another way (without API access).

Fast forward to today and I get an email from Overdrive saying I was accepted into their developer program and now have API access! I’m not sure if it was a mistake or if they really liked my application or what. I’m still hesitant to totally embrace it since they could revoke access at any time. I’m going to keep my code that does things “the hard way” around just in case they do revoke the API access.

I poked around a bit in the APIs and I think I know how I can leverage them to make OverReader better/faster. Stay tuned!


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